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Maxim Probst, Diamant_01, 2016, oil on linen, 120 x 120 cm

Diamant_01, 2016,

oil on linen, 120 x 120 cm

©illustrations: Maxim Probst


Maxim Probst, artist of ART Galerie 7, Cologne

  In 2011 Maxim Probst received his Master of Fine Arts from the Alanus Academy of Art and Community from Prof A. Orosz. The male body is the focus of his works, which is transformed into an object. The nude bodies can be viewed like the monuments of the cities that are visible through a window in the background of some of his paintings.  The spectator is given the opportunity to undisturbedly gaze at the aesthetic and athletic bodies and to perceive the world from the artist’s point of view. He purposely gives his canvases an ancient look, which makes them appear like antiques. The focus of Probst’s new works lies on diamonds, which viewed from the bird’s eye perspective, turn into architectural objects. Probst skillfully visualises the phenomenon of reflection by depicting the colourful splitting of light that refracts in the smoothed diamonds. Through the contrast between the rough und untreated canvas and fascinating colour spectra, the illuminating power of the shiny particles becomes even more intense. So that the artist, besides his figurative works, found a new abstract topic.

© Maxim Probst


*1981 in Tabuny, UdSSR 

lives and works in Cologne


studies at the AKI/ArtEZ, Enschede/NL, FB painting, with Prof. K. Persoon, Prof. J. Geurts, Prof. K. Smits. (graduates as Bachelor of Fine Arts)



studies at the Alanus Hochschule for art and society, Alfter, Bonn, with Prof. A. Orosz. (graduate as Master of Fine Arts)

exhibitions / participations (selection)

„Das große Format“, exhibition with artists of Art Galerie 7,
„art KARLSRUHE 2018“, with Art Galerie 7, Cologne

„Diamantenfieber“, Galerie Jörg Schuhmacher, Frankfurt a. M.


„Das kleine Format“, Art Galerie 7, Cologne

„Art Bodensee 2017“, with Galerie Cerny & Partner, Wiesbaden
„Kostbar“, exhibition with artists of Galerie Cerny & Partner, Wiesbaden

„Glow“, exhibition with artists of Art Galerie 7, Cologne

„Art Karlsruhe 2017“, with Art Galerie 7 



„Andreas Orosz und Malereiklasse Orosz“, Galerie Cerny & Partner, Wiesbaden

„Radiant- Kunstraum im Mediapark“, in cooperation with Art Galerie 7, Cologne

„SUMMERTIME“, exhibition with artists of Art Galerie 7, Cologne

„Art Bodensee 2016“, with Galerie Cerny & Partner
„art KARLSRUHE 2016“, with Galerie Cerny & Partner



„ART.FAIR 2015“, with Galerie Cerny & Partner
„…noch feucht“, exhibition of the class Orosz, Fabrik 45, Bonn

„Summertime“, Art Galerie 7 – Cologne

 „Kunstpreis der Stadt Weilburg“, Finalist exhibition, Weilburg a. d. Lahn

"dreams & desire" group exhibition, Galerie Cerny & Partner
"art.Karlsruhe", Galerie Cerny & Partner



"ART.FAIR", Cologne, Galerie Cerny & Partner
"Tor zum Frieden", Altes Pfandhaus,
"Orosz und Studenten", MVB-Forum, Mainz
"AEAF, Académie Europeenne des Arts France", Paris



 "43. Salon Arts 19", Paris
"Fokus Realität – painting class Orosz", Galerie Cerny & Partner, Wiesbaden
"Partysage 3.0", Sunzinet,



ARTE „Alles für die Kunst / Folge 1 – Die Auswahl“

 "Bis in die Poren", Klasse Orosz in the art club Emsdetten
mural art on the AIDAStella Meyer-Werft, Papenburg
„St. Leopold Friedenspreis“, Klosterneuburg, Österreich
„Malerisch“, Künstlerforum Bonn
„Zeichen setzen“, Museum Voswinckelshof, Dinslaken
„Tor zum Frieden“, exhibition in „Kunsthaus Rhenania“,



exhibition „Menschenbilder“ zum „Lukas Cranach-Preis“, Kronach



exhibition of artists of the Alanus Kunsthochschule, GLS Bank, Bochum
2nd place at „Kunstpreis Malerei 2010“, Dierdorf

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